Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 642 - I'm From N.E.R.D, Aren't You Britney?

Shoes: Gold distressed 'Spatz' Irregular Choice 

I went shopping yesterday for the first time since March.  I needed to find a few things for my friends babies.  Shopping for a 1 year old girl is the best thing in the world; so much choice and personality in the clothes! I spent the whole time oohing and ahhing and wishing Next reflected their amazing little girls kitsch prints and styles in their adult range.  Boys on the otherhand, absolute nightmare.  It's basically choosing between checks or stripes.  I wanted something unique and a little bit different but came home empty handed.  For the girl though I got cute little floral/bird print shorts by John Rocha and a couple of pony t-shirts from GAP (mega cute, I would not leave the store without them)!  For me, I got a couple of dresses in Debenhams and a skirt in Primark (which was otherwise crap).  So a semi-successful day and I was absolutely pooped afterwards.

Wearing: Floral double collar dress H by Henry Holland, black leggings, cardigan, leopard ring and red bird scarf all Primark, pony necklace, bird on branch ring both Topshop, feather ear cuff Dorothy Perkins and fox ring Evans.
Fit: True to size (the buttons do come out if you need to get on and off), 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: No problems with these.


  1. oh this was one of my first pairs of IC shoes, I was totally hooked and wore them for days on end!
    I lusted after that necklace for so long as well, and finally received it from a lovely friend :)

  2. I really like the ear cuff, looks amaze!


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