Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 643 - I Know My Kingdom Awaits

Shoes:  Pink satin shoes Miu Miu

I love clip-cloppy shoes.  You know when you're walking along the street and hear them clicking away? I like that.  I wore a pair the other day that were great...think it could've been Irregular Choice 'Lucite Lovely' or 'Wing Invador', anyway, sadly these shoes are silent.  Like mega-silent!  So you sneak up on people without them knowing you're there, even when you don't intend to scare them.  I love these shoes though because they're very unassuming, but just by looking at them you can tell they're 'designer', even if they are very plain.  The colour is gorgeous and I like that I can wear them anytime with anything, rather than those super expensive shoes you're too worried to wear and keep in a box to stroke!

Wearing:  Polka dot dress New Look, black leggings and cardigan Primark, pink hoop earrings Claire's, Fafi scarf MAC.
Fit:  True to size.  4 1/2" heel.
Comfort:  No issues with these.

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  1. These have to be my favs! I love that clipclopping sound too.


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