Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 654 - I Saw A Photo, She Ain't Even All That

Shoes: Lilac 'Ciccia' Irregular Choice 

Hello chickadees! Another gorgeous day and it's my birthday today, yipee! Even although I've spent most of the day by myself I got all dressed up, but I've got a few more posts to catch up on before then. This is Tuesday's outfit and the summery weather has meant I can wear these slightly awkward mid-length dresses with bare legs. They're too long for leggings really and because of the floaty light fabric, I doubt I'd ever wear it with tights (too clingy). I'd maybe like an inch or so off the hem, I wasn't quite sure about it to begin with, but actually it looks alright in these photos. I wore a slip underneath because of the light fabric (it's by no means sheer but you know what I mean). I did wonder if I'd gone overkill on the lilac...I had lilac/grey nails, lilac eyeshadow, lilac hair, dress and shoes!

Wearing: Lilac spot dress Dorothy Perkins, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, sunglasses Prada.
Fit: True to size, small platform and 4 3/4" heel.
Comfort: They blistered underneath my big toe (kinda random), the slingback isn't the type to stay on your heel, but by no means did I feel my foot slipping out or the shoe coming off when walking. The uppers did start to dig in across my foot after a while and it's probably the cause of the blistering.

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  1. Gemma you look lovely! I love that Dotty Perks dress! I have the Peter-pan collar necklace that they put on the mannequin with it in my store but I'd love the dress! The IC's are lovely too! I bet Char would love those!


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