Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 652 - I Need You To Grind Like You're Working For Tips

Shoes: Tri-colour suede t-bar sandals Prada

My obsession lately has been eye-wear, sunglasses in particular.  Kinda sad considering we don't get great weather here to wear sunnies a lot.  However, I've had my eye (!) on these Prada sunglasses since last year.  They reintroduced them for 2012 with some new colours and I saved enough money for them.  Aren't they wicked?  I couldn't decide between the Baroque frames which had more detail on the actual frames or these which are all about the legs (or arms).  I can honestly say they are the comfiest, most soothing sunglasses I've ever owned (no squinting at all!).  Of course they arrived last week during 'Ice Age' (or maybe that should be 'Rain Age') and I thought I'd never get to wear them, but thankfully the weather has turned (as it does) and I wore them for the first time on Sunday.  Can you believe a few days earlier I'd been in fur boots? That's Scotland for you.  Anyway I wore them with this dip-hem dress I got in Debenhams the other week (gorgeous bright, tropical print) and my Prada sandals, lovely!

Wearing: Tropical dip hem dress Red Herring (Debenhams), black belt (taken from car skirt) and black leggings Primark, floral scarf M&Co, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, sunglasses Prada.
Fit: True to size, elasticated strap, 4 1/2" heel and very small platform.
Comfort: The bar across the toes may rub after a while, but otherwise no problems and easy walkers!

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  1. Ooh they're very pretty. I'm afraid I'm a cheap-only sunglasses kind of girl, I so often lose / sit on / break / drop / scratch my pairs that my whole collection is from Primark or H&M.


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