Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 653 - Could've Had A Castle And Worn A Ring

Shoes: Black wedge 'Superstar' Bertie 

I'm so excited to show you the posts from this week because the weather changing has meant I've been getting to try out much more fun outfits! This is from Monday, hopefully I'll get caught up with the other posts tomorrow (because I've been out at the dentist today)! I'm still getting the hang of the new camera too (still struggling with decent self-portraits), but I did manage some in-focus, no mirror-flash, full length shots because it's been so light and sunny. You know I adore these shoes, really, really love them to pieces and will never sell them (I do get asked on occasion!), they are somewhat 'hard' looking but because of their narrow wedge heel, skinny straps and overall, slim-fit they don't look chunky, clumpy or out of place in my girly wardrobe. I like that they add an edge to my feminine frocks and they've proved that they can work with bare-legs, leggings, tights and absolutely anything I throw at them (even my Granny's funeral in the terrible snow of December 2010-they were my only 'rubber' soled shoes I had no choice!). This dress is another Dorothy Perkins one (really must write a post on their dresses because I've ordered dozens in the past month) and has a high-low hem (actually a wrapover, gradual hem). I love dip-hems and have been raving about them for so long and this one is great because for once you can really see a difference in the lengths (some are so subtle, you're just not sure if it's hanging wrong!). It does open up when you're walking (especially as it was pretty windy that day), but I doubt it would flash your pants (!), although I did keep a subtle hold of it just below my hip to make sure. I felt fab in it, it's so comfortable and I like the wee flash of leg!  It does fit rather large for anyone wondering, I found even the 18 roomy when most DP 20's are quite snug on me.

Wearing: Parrot print dip-hem dress Dorothy Perkins, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, sunglasses Prada.
Fit: True to size, back zip so you don't have to adjust the buckles every time. 4 3/4" wedge heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. Your new camera is ace! (I meant to comment on PHP yesterday but wretched comment box wouldn't appear!) You look really pretty in this outfit! It's very very flattering and I love the drop hem dress! (also loving Dotty P- bought a lovely bird-print dress and two pairs of Chinos in their sale recently which are great!)

  2. Love those shoes! And the dress and overall look...A-plus!~


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