Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 555 - Gone With The Wind

Shoes: Black and white 'Teeze 20' Bordello

Yesterday was storm number...whatever, I'm losing count, we're getting them that frequently.  Why we didn't get a warning about this one like 'Hurricane Bawbag' I don't know, because it was even worse than that and did eventually get the highest, red alert.  I was supposed to be going to Dundee but the bridge was closed and I decided I wouldn't leave the house at all. Then by afternoon it had calmed somewhat and I decided to brave it.  I've said before I find extreme weather rather exciting, but there was nothing much to see or feel when I went out for my walk (I was rather disappointed).  The news footage of that ferry in the water (sailing along on it's side practically...boke), the industrial wheelie bin flying down the street like a paper cup and the Forth Road bridge floating up and down in the wind (double boke) were unbelievable.  Sadly a lot of homes are still without power or badly damaged and two men were killed-that side of things, I don't like.  The wind is getting up again today and apparently there are more gales predicted for tonight.

Wearing:  Black jersey dress, cardigan and leggings all Primark, fur trim socks Flirt at ASOS.  
Fit: You need to size up on all Bordello Teeze. These are a US8. Inside zip. 6" heel and just over 1 1/2" platform.
Comfort: They hit my ankle bone in an awkward place and are a very 'hard' shoe, so not the most comfortable but easy to walk in.

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