Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 559 - Spot The Cherry

Look at this, proper pictures and my little carpet space back!  I stole my sisters camera at the weekend and seeing as I haven't given it back yet, I've been able to take some decent pics today.  I also made it into my wardrobe at the weekend...yes "into" the converted Irregular Choice closet to grab some more shoes and put back some other styles that had been lying around.  If you follow me on Facebook then the image I posted yesterday of the two 'floor to almost ceiling' piles of shoe boxes are what sit right in front of one of the wardrobe doors (nightmare); so it's rare I have the energy or inclination to move all that crap to get in behind it.  It's a pity because there's some great pairs of shoes tucked away in there (like this pair today), but hopefully this is the year I'm getting my walk-in shoe closet...fingers crossed.  I did consider selling these at one point because they used to be quite tight and uncomfortable, however they fit a lot better now and I'm glad I didn't let them go because I love the cherry detail.  

Wearing: Spotty dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, polka dot tights Primark, belt gift.  
Fit: 4 1/2" heel, stud fastening, my regular size are a little snug, but not enough to warrant going up a full size.
Comfort: Easy to walk in.
For my full length shot, I forgot I hadn't taken my hair out of my heart shaped rollers and indeed hadn't taken any images when it dawned on me and I had taken my hair out...woops!

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