Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 568 - Them Hustlas Like My Fashion

Shoes: Mash'a'Mallow Kandee

Hello chickadees! A gorgeous pair of shoes yesterday that I've had for a while but never worn.  I certainly never imagined I'd get to wear them in January but the weather has been kind this month.  You definitely need to size up on this style, they fit perfectly a whole size larger.  They are really quite heavy with all those gold studs but have a pretty soft, pink sole to contrast the tough spikes!  As you can see, I've lost the little space I had in my bedroom for photo-taking...this time to a whole load of shoes I'm eBaying...it kinda breaks my heart to sell some of them, but needs must and I already have my eye on a rather expensive pair that are going to sell fast, so need the cash quickly! Oh and I did something different with my eyeliner yesterday, going straight across the top rather than a curved flick to my wing...it was kinda cool.  

Wearing:  Dog print dress H by Henry Holland, black fleece lined tights, wool hat, polka dot coat and cardi all Primark.
Fit:  Small, take a whole size up.  Gosh I've forgotten to measure the heel on these (again! I have about 3 different shoes measurements in my head but not these-will update).
Comfort:  No problems with these and the heel is much more manageable than normal Kandees.

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