Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 558 - Baby Blue

Shoes: Blythe 'Babi' boot Irregular Choice

I know, I know, another 'in the air' pose! Sorry!  I actually did manage to take some 'old style' pics in the bathroom but they didn't work out because it was too dark.  I've been super busy all weekend and not been out of my jammies, never mind the house!  I've been in a cleaning mood and trying to do as much as I can, plus putting loads of stuff on eBay while they had free listings.  I have managed to clear some space in front of my wardrobe again, so will manage better images this week.  Anyway, this outfit was from Friday-Mum and I popped out to the shops as I needed a couple of things from the beauty counters in Debenhams.  I was so cosy with my fleece tights and big coat as it was freezing that day...but still no 's.n.o.w' or 'i.c.e' (I figure if I spell it out, it won't jinx it), here's hoping we'll bypass the bad winter.  Oh and I was super lazy with my jewellery choice, as I think I wore these rings recently-they were still in my handbag, so that's why I wore them.  

Wearing:  Navy floral tea dress New Look, boat scarf in hair, navy tights, brown 'camera' bag, leopard, owl and deer rings all Primark.  
Fit: As there's no zip, I bought a size larger for ease getting on and off, the foot is a little big but I don't think my heel would get past the ankle section otherwise. Heel just under 4 1/2".
Comfort: No issues other than they're a struggle to pull off!

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