Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 569 - Who's That Chick?

Shoes: Green 'Petrisha' Irregular Choice

I've decided to give my hair a break from curling this week (well actually I've not had time after my showers to pin it up), so I thought it was funny to see this pic of it totally straight.  I haven't styled it at all (nor cut my fringe for months)-that's just exactly how it's sitting after it dried and I ran a brush through it, as I knew it was just going under a hat anyway.  I actually don't recognise myself in the mirror with straight hair now, it's weird!  Onto the outfit, I was going to wear my fur hat, then decided on my woolly one which is fast becoming my favourite, comfy hat, hence the different pics.  Aren't these shoes stunning?  I love the style and that gorgeous dark dusky mint colour.  My only problem is the lining, it's sparkly fabric and very scratchy.  I think it'll snag tights, it's uncomfortable against the skin and hurts when you're pushing your feet into the shoes. I was getting bored of the crushed velvet season after season, but actually I'd have loved it in these, would be so much comfier : (

Wearing: Lilac pansy dress Fearne Cotton at Very, suede leggings, hats and horse print coat all Primark.
Fit: Feel small, I needed a size-up.  Heel just under 5 1/2" with a 2" platform.
Comfort:  I don't like the lining, it scratches and the shoe is already quite 'hard' so they would benefit from a softer lining of velvet, leather or cotton like other IC's.  That said they are extremely easy to walk in, you have a good solid base.

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  1. I like them lots! They're my favourite colour, just like your hair! I'd definitely buy them if they were a little lower!


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