Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 562 - Miaow

Shoes: Black 'Miaow' Irregular Choice

Hello! Pretty cold today, although a nice day and still no 'bad' weather, yipee!  I took the photo below (wearing my coat and hat) as I was walking out the door and although the door was closed this time, it always completely blanks out my face, other than some eyebrows and mascara, which I always find amusing!  I used to have these boots in turquoise too, but sold them when I needed money.  I felt guilty about it as I really liked them, but justified it by saying I didn't need them in two colours and for some reason the black were much comfier and bigger than the other.  The heel is pretty low for me, but they're such cute boots I can forgive that.

Wearing: Teal lace dress Chloe Madeley for Asda, black leggings Primark, belt ?
Fit: True to size, zip opening. Heel 3 1/4".
Comfort: No problems with these.


  1. These boots are gorgeous!
    I've got them too and it was these boots and 'It's a wrap' boots that I started my little IC collection. I think Miaow are typical IC boots but yet not too extravagant and quite easy to fit an outfit, a perfect pair to start an IC adventure.

  2. I really love your boots !

    You put them sometimes directly barefoot ? 😀

    1. Thank you, yes barefoot here despite it being winter at the time!

    2. they are comfortable to wear barefoot? what is it like inside? I would buy them

    3. Yes they are. My pair are gold and black striped inside, but there have been many other variations as Irregular Choice have produced many over the years.

    4. You could send me few pictures of them at : ?

      I'm Very Curious to see yours more closely


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