Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 563 - Toad In The Hole

Shoes: Black 'Toad In the Hole' Irregular Choice

Hello, sorry for the brief disappearance-I've been quite busy this weekend and didn't have time to post.  I did take photos though, so I'll just be running behind (again).  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll see a sneaky peek of the pretty Miu Miu's I wore yesterday.  Also check out my amazing Irregular Choice haul over on Pink Haired Princess, including these fantabulous boots which I'm extremely ecstatic to add to my collection (albeit it with a slightly fuzzy outdoor shot).   It could've been bright sunshine and 30 degrees and I'd have still tried to wear these boots on Saturday! Lucky for me, it was quite cold, so they were weather appropriate.  The fur inside is all over and under your foot and leg and feels sooo soft, like a teddy bear.  My only worry is that if I wear them with tights or normal leggings the fur will transfer, that's why I picked shiny leggings this time.

Wearing: Black floral dress H by Henry Holland (Debenhams), hat, cardigan and vest (worn underneath dress) all Primark, high-shine leggings Miss Selfridge.
Fit: True to size, inside zip, so no need to undo all the laces. Heel 4 3/4" and platform 1 3/4".
Comfort: No issues with these.

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  1. Wow those boots are amaze balls!!! What is the fit like on the leg? Roomy or quite tight?


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