Monday, 3 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seven - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Hello lovelies! I'm still undecided with my next shoe purchase. Once I make my mind up that I will get them, I chicken out again, aaagh! The shoes in question are by Charlotte Olympia, a designer that I admire and I've always really wanted to own a pair of her shoes. I could afford them and although it wouldn't bankrupt me, it would leave me struggling slightly for yet another month. I really like them and it's a good deal on them (not to mention they're the only pair left in my size), but then there are other designer shoes that I could spend less on (although they perhaps aren't as lustworthy). So, do I take the plunge or not? I'm still eyeing up plenty of other shoes including the blue Bambino by Irregular Choice-I love the floral heel on it (wish my pink pair had that).
Pink courts with black lace overlay New Look


  1. Well...I would get the Charlotte Olympia ones...if you can afford them and there's a good deal on them at the moment then I'd take that opportunity to finally get them!
    I've found it very eye-opening to spend some more money on certain things like shoes to get better quality, I used to buy the cheapest shoes and clothes I could find, but once I had some more money when I got a job I really got convinced that it's better in some cases to spend the extra to get that extra quality. Good luck on making the decision!

    I ordered the IC abigails and the pink brogues yesterday...figured I'd see if the brogues look nice irl and then decide if I'll keep them...I find that style way to hard to judge just from some pictures.

  2. Marlein, hope you like your shoes when they arrive. Schuh are quite good now at displaying loads of pictures, 360 degree video and how they look on the model...although I always find shoe models slightly awkward. Asos always use models with very large feet and the shoes are always too big-I find it hard to get an idea of how they would look on 'me'.


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