Friday, 7 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eleven - Oops, Oh My!

Oooh, this election stuff is pretty exciting. I stayed up last night (only until midnight) and there were reports of sit-ins in several places because people had been queueing for hours at polling stations without getting to vote and they (quite rightly) protested that they had the right to vote if they appeared on time. Police were called to remove them and poor Nick Clegg had to visit the polling station, nearest to his house and apologise in person (wouldn't like to be him!). Some areas ran out of ballot papers, I have no words for that one-it's just ridiculous! Others were apparently allowed to vote after the 10pm deadline because of queues and there was even a bomb threat in Derry and the army were called in! Ooh-ee! I'm deeply disappointed with the results today though, especially seeing as Conservative only won one seat in Scotland and not a single one in Wales...electing a Tory PM wouldn't exactly be a fair reflection of our countries would it? Anyway I won't bore you any more with politics or tell you who I voted for, I'm still trying to find somewhere in my memory all I learnt in Modern Studies at school about majority, hung parliaments and seats etc etc!
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