Monday, 17 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Twenty One - Oops, My Mistake!

Today I've done the unthinkable...for the first time in 220 posts, I've accidentally worn a pair of shoes twice. I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd worn them before, but then convinced myself it had just been a similar pair. I could've lied to you and photographed another pair and pretended that I hadn't made the error, but I thought I'd come I couldn't be bothered finding another pair and changing and taking photos because I am just so tired! To be honest I've been a little exhausted with the blog recently. I suppose it's understandable after so long, I just feel I'd like to wear what I want without having to search for the 'unworn pairs' and think up an outfit around them. However in saying that, there's only another 40+ pairs to wear and most of them are absolutely gorgeous, so what am I complaining about!
Navy 'Hello Sailor' peep toes Shoemissy, blue lace leggings Primark

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