Sunday, 2 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Six - Ruby Slippers

I just ate the most amazing cupcake for lunch, made by my Mummy-I think she should open up her own cake shop, although most profits would come from me! I'm debating (with myself) over spending a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of shoes. I keep trying to rationalise it, then think, but for that money I could buy....! The truth is though, it'll all go on shoes anyway, it's just whether I want to spend a massive amount on one pair or 4 pairs!
Ruby satin peep toes with velvet bow Barratts


  1. Oeh I'm curious which shoes you have your eye on!!

    If I were to spend some crazy amount on shoes it'd probably be on something from Miu Miu's SS10 collection...the daisy mary-janes I would think! :D

    I'm about to get the IC Abigails from Schuh today or tomorrow but I'm kinda thinking about getting some flat brogues...but I can't decide if I find them damn ugly, or damn cute haha! I really want more flat shoes for summer, preferably not sandals or balletflats (balletflats always squish my toes :()...I saw these reeeeally cute pink brogues from Faith which I would have brought in a heartbeat but it seems the Faith site isn't taking online orders (and wouldn't have shipped internationally anyway):

    I saw that Schuh does a pink brogue as well so I might get those...once I figure out if I think they're ugly or cute lol ;) and then I have to decide if I want the pink or the white...

  2. The Miu Miu's were lovely, I've been meaning to write a post on them. I'd love the pink pair with swallows on them and jewels! So pretty! It's a pair of Charlotte Olympia Greta courts that I have liked for much money though, still can't decide whether to take the plunge or not.

    Yeah, it's a shame that Faith have gone into administration, I loved their shoes. Debenhams (department store) have also stopped selling Faith shoes online because of it. I haven't been instore to see if they still have them there.

    I noticed Schuh got the Making Moves (paint splatter) and floral Kim Oh No which is good because hopefully at some point they will reduce them (if they don't sell out of them first). I don't know how many more IC's I can afford at full price this season!


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