Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ten - Election Day

Quite apt that today is Day 2...10, when we see who may be moving in or out of No.10 Downing Street! I voted this morning and this was actually the first year that I felt passionate enough about it to do so. Although it's rather annoying that you only get to vote for your local MP's as I feel more opinionated about who would I'd like to be or not be Prime Minister! I should be interested in how the local area is run though, so ideally I would've liked to vote twice...and it would've been for different parties/people in each section.

Very, very special boots today. If you forced me to pick my favourite IC's, I may very well choose these. I got them from ebay years ago and think I got scammed by a family/friend of the seller bidding to increase the price : ( I missed out on the boots and if I remember it was the second time they were listed in so many weeks (I smell trouble), anyway I got a 'Second Chance Offer' and although I had my doubts about the seller, I really wanted the boots, so took it. I'm glad I did and for the amount of times I've worn them, I would've got a bargain at double the price! I fell in love with Irregular Choice when they made these type of shoes in pastel colours, kitsch prints and wonderful designs. I'm happy that the latest collection harks back to that era. Anyway, I could photograph them all day from every angle and they'd look different, you can also fold them down for another look, but I may show you that another day!

Turquoise wedge ankle boots with pink poodle print Irregular Choice


  1. omg...heart attack! Look at those shoes...!

    Turquoise, which is probably my fav colour after soft pink (which is good coz they love each other hehe)...a wedge which I adore just as much as a good chunky heel...and with poodles! Shoe PERFECTION right there! Round of applause! ;)

    I got my Schuh order today! So quick! The IC's are goooooooorgeous of course! I was doubting the brogues because they make my feet look long (my BF looked at me like I'm crazy...but he has a size 12 or something so a size 5 will obviously always look small next to that! lol)...but I've decided all flat shoes make my feet look long and I think the brogues are cute so they're staying :) happy all round! Now bring on next payday!

    PS. the Charlotte Olympia's are faaaaaaaaabulous! Can understand why you spend the money, money well spent anyway!

    PPS. I saw your post on the Barry M nail polish...the Berry Icecream one...softest purple ever, I seriously love it to bits and sometimes even stare at my nails when i have it on. I'm not a total Barry M convert though...I had really high expectations because it was so hyped online on various (dutch)blogs but I also found it a bit streaky and needed quite a few layers...but they do have the greatest colours so I guess they're forgiven ;)

    How's the migraine? Mine's finally almost gone now...did go into work this morning but had to go home after just 2,5 hours :( sucks doesn't it...had it for 4 days now which is short for me actually...but with me it's not just the one's lots of attacks back to back so it can take aaaaaaaaages before it's all good again...

    Ha this message is getting way to long ;) Sleep well later! :)

  2. oh I meant that the Barry M Berry Icecream polish is great, worth giving a sentence was a bit weird in my other comment hehe ;)

  3. Thank you Marlein, your comments always cheer me up! I adore these boots, they are just beautiful ; )

    Glad your migraine has finally gone, this is the first time I've experienced it lasting for days rather than hours-it's horrible. I've been waking up every day and within an hour or so, my migraine is back. I feel better today though, so think it's gone now!

    That was really quick delivery from Schuh, very good. I have the same issue with flat shoes, I think my feet look long! Glad you love the IC's. I've ordered the other pair of River Island shoes I wanted (the pair with stripey bow) so they should arrive tomorrow or Monday. I hope they fit, because they have a zip up the centre back and I sometimes struggle with that style.

  4. I love this pair - wow!! Will have to keep a look out for a size 7 - never get any of the good old collections listed on ebay recently !!:)

  5. Aren't they amazing, I love the print,shape and colours.


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