Thursday, 13 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventeen - Squeeze In

As you may be aware I have these shoes in 4 different colours (worn here without the ruffle). However I've never worn this purple pair. I put them on today and could only suffer them for the length of time it took me to take these images. They are really small (but the other colours aren't?) - I could only slide my feet in when wearing tights, but my little tootsies were crushed. Ouch!
Purple patent multi-strap courts Matalan


  1. I have these in red (and had to go up a size, because they were really small), but you're making me wish I'd succumbed to the other colours too, now. Fabulous!

  2. It's strange because I find the other colours (red, orange and black) close-fitting but wearable (in my usual size), the purple were almost impossible to stand up in though! Thanks for commenting x


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