Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Fifteen - Rock 'n' Roll

Feeling pretty rotten, just one of of those days really! Plus any minute now we will have a new PM, a smarmy toff that doesn't live in the 'real world', great! These are the third pair of shoes I tried on for going shopping today. The first pair didn't feel comfy, the 2nd (my poodle boots) wouldn't go on my feet (hello, I just wore them a couple of days ago!), so I ended up with these; very pretty, but my feet were frozen (it's like winter today). Crappy photo, but it was taken after a long day and my feet were like ice!
Yellow Rocko heels by Irregular Choice


  1. Oh i love these - they are on my IC wishlist!! :)

  2. They're lovely, fyi they do run a little larger than normal.

  3. Hi! I came across your site while looking for info on the sizing of these "Rocko" shoes,and I have been looking at your site for like an hour now! Haha! How cool..awesome collection of shoes! :) So..I am a US size 8,which IC says would be a 39,so that is what I ordered and I got them today & they are a bit too big...not terrible,but enough to be annoying! I LOVE them though and I am afraid if I exchange them for a 38,they might be too small? (Wish they had 1/2 sizes in them!) ..What do you think? This is mhy first pair of Irregular Choice shoes so I am not sure what to do...stick with a little big or exchange & hope they arent TOO small!?!
    :) Thanks!!


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