Saturday, 29 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Thirty One - Gadget Girl

I'm running behind after sleeping in this morning, gah! I've also been trying to work out how to receive and send picture texts with my new mobile, because it hasn't worked so far. I think I've knackered it though, because I put the new sim in my old phone and then swapped and I haven't received the texts I was supposed to (to either phone) to set the picture message settings! I wanted to use my old sim though because I get 3p texts which is a fantabulous deal that you don't get these days, anyway, it's obvious I'm not a gadget girl isn't it? Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I also have the purple version of these shoes, which I wore way back on Day Fifty Five!
Pink faux snake and suede peep toe shoe-boot Matalan


  1. Those shoes are lovely looking but I get the feeling that if your feet get too hot and swell a bit you end up with an attractive lattice pattern across your foot! x

  2. Rai, you are absolutely right, I only wore them for 15 minutes and was left marked for hours!

  3. i wanna buy these shoes online any online shoe shop?


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