Sunday, 16 May 2010

Day Two Hundred & Twenty - A Fishy Tale

I'm starting to think it's my crappy photography skills or lack of, to blame for the awful photos I'm producing, rather than the shoes themselves. Admittedly I took these shots in a hurry and probably not in the best lighting either. I'm sure you've seen these shoes over on Pink Haired Princess anyway, because I raved about them when I got them. I would like to thank Cloggs for helping me out and keeping aside a bigger pair for me when I had to return my usual size (during which all sizes sold out). There would've been tears if I'd missed out on these shoes! They went above and beyond in regards to a promotion I'd used when placing that order too, excellent customer service. I wish you could see the beautiful range of colours in these-perhaps when I just wear the courts alone, it will show up better.
Metallic Love Games with co-ordinating leg spatz Irregular Choice

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