Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 729 - I'll Be Like Your Medicine, You'll Take Every Dose Of Me

Shoes: Raspberry 'Suck It And See' Office 

Yesterday was another bright day and I felt inspired by my blue hair to find something in my wardrobe just as bold and colourful.  I certainly found it with this fish dress!  This time, I picked out the purpley pink colour (mainly in the bodice) and matched my shoes to that.  I don't wear these shoes enough, because in the past they've rubbed terribly, but when it comes to getting rid of them, I can't do it.  I like them, I just need to wear leggings long enough to cover the trouble areas.  From memory the ankle bone and back of the heel are usually sore, but thankfully no problems in the 10 minutes I had them on yesterday (although I could feel them digging into the ankle).  It's a pity they aren't the type of shoes I'd wear with tights because that would probably help.

Wearing:  Fish dress and suede leggings Primark, belt taken from another dress, cardigan New Look.
Fit: True to size, 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/2" platform, 5 buckle fastenings (you usually only need to un-do three).  
Comfort: A pretty steady base bar any loose stones or uneven pavements and being buckled in helps feel secure, but some people may struggle with the height and I certainly wouldn't run a marathon in them!

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  1. this dress goes perfectly with your hair ... love it.


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