Friday, 21 September 2012

Day 725 - Not Tryin' To Sound Conceited But Me & You Were Meant To Be

Shoes: Pink satin, crystal & cherry print 'Rema' River Island 

I didn't intend this outfit to be very twee, but that's kinda what happened. I found these shoes yesterday when I was looking for the Kurt Geiger pair. I haven't worn them for ages and decided they should be the starting point for my outfit today. I had a quick browse of my bulging wardrobe and this dress just stuck out  and I figured it was one of the few opportunities I would get to wear it before winter. As someone who loves pink, I tend not to wear very much of it and certainly not an entire outfit, but I ended up loving this look. I added the black cardi and belt to break it up a little and there is black within both prints (on the shoes and dress), plus the addition of the grey underskirt added another element. I was going to wear little grey socks with it, but thought it looked better without. This dress was on my wishlist for ages because of that adorable print, but I couldn't justify buying it at full-price.  I eventually got it half price and it fits me perfectly, actually it may be the only sleeveless dress I own that fits around the armholes (big boobs and not big arms, always means I end up with gaping armholes).  It's maybe a bit 'dressed up' considering I only went along the road and back again for my walk, but overdressed is my style!

Wearing:  Birdcage dress South at Very, belt taken from another dress, bow cardigan New Look, grey net underskirt Primark, Mischief sunglasses Irregular Choice.
Fit: Surprisingly 5 1/4" heel (doesn't feel too high) and small platform. Two straps with adjustable buckles, true to size.
Comfort: These were tested to their limit last year when I wore them bare foot/legged to a wedding, all day and night and they gave me no issues and they're super easy to walk in.


  1. Aww I ordered this dress (also when it was in the sale) it was so gorgeous and I loved it but sadly it wasn't a good fit in the bust area :( you look fabulous and the shoes are amaze! Xx


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