Monday, 17 September 2012

Day 722 - I Can Be Your Shelter When The Wind Starts Blowing

Shoes: Red patent bow peep toes Bronx 

Ooh it's a bit chilly today and absolutely P'd it down at lunchtime.  Thankfully it dried later and I got out for a wee walk.  I've had this dress for absolutely ages and never worn it.  I must have tried about three different pairs of shoes with it, then settled with my red patent peep toes.  They instantly revive any outfit but are super comfortable.  A stranger once came up to me and said they were 'F*** me shoes'! Not much you can say to that really, can you?  Last 'Terrible Tuesday' tomorrow, haven't decided what to wear yet...have considered my Moschino's which were a 'been a good girl at the dentist' present to myself, but we'll see.  I just hope my hair looks better tomorrow, I think it's hair-karma for it sitting nicely all last week!.

Wearing:  Duck print navy dress, suede leggings and boat scarf all Primark, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: True to size, buckle fastening and 4" chunky heel.
Comfort: Really comfy and no issues with these.

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