Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day 723 - The More You Talk, The Less I Can Take

Shoes: Cream and black 'Role' River Island Design Forum 

Sorry for the late post, I was absolutely whacked after my dentist appointment yesterday. It was my final day!! I just have to go back in 2 months and see if what she's done has worked or not (here's hoping) but it'll be so nice to have my days free now! It was quite painful yesterday but I didn't want another injection like the week before, as I could barely open my mouth for a couple of days and it took ages to wear off so I just got through it with the two injections this time and distracting myself by thinking of shoes when it really hurt! Anyway, lots to say about this outfit, every hourglass lady should go out and buy this dress, it's utterly gorgeous! They also do it in grey leopard print which I prefer, but I had to return the 18's I bought (just too tummy revealing) and they only had a 20 in the black. I'm not keen on the exposed back zip but it's not a deal breaker as I don't see it personally! It's a nice heavy-weight jersey that seems to pull you in and make you feel totally Mad Men-ish! I wanted to do my own thing with it and add these ankle boots, rather than go down the standard pencil skirt and peep toes route, plus it was perfect for the mixed weather. Now onto the bag and I was rather disappointed that we never found a bag like this in my Granny's house after she died. I told anyone who would listen that any vintage frame bag to be found was mine, but we only discovered modern ones. I was convinced she'd previously given me a couple of bags when she was alive but had no idea where they were. Last month when we were tidying the shed and going through a lot of my Uni stuff, we found three handbags exactly like I'd wanted (one brown, one navy and this black one). Then my Mum told me that she'd actually bought this bag for her Mum who died not long afterwards (before I was born) and as my Mum didn't use bags like this, she gave it to her mother-in-law and then eventually Granny gave it to me. So it's been full circle and is around 36 years old (even older than me) and it turns out it was in my possession all along!

Wearing: Black shift dress Primark, pink belt taken from Primark skirt, binoculars ring Topshop, girl ring gift, floral ring and pendant gift, horse pendant Miss Selfridge, frame bag my Granny's, black flower hair clip gift, spike ear cuff ASOS, Nikita sunglasses Tom Ford.
Fit: True to size, back zip, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Easy to walk in, with bare legs they started to pinch at the back zip after a while.


  1. You look fab in that dress and I love how you've layered the two necklaces xx

  2. I really love that dress, looks fab! WIsh we had Primark in australia.
    Can I ask what app/program you use to get your photos looking all scratchy around the edges like that? I love the effect!

  3. Thank you!

    Poptartlr, thank you. I use Photobucket and it's a square frame called 'paint'.

  4. Fabulous outfit! Love the shoes;)


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