Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 718 - I’m Awake But My World Is Half Asleep

Shoes: Alphabet and number 'Wrap Me Up' Heatherette/Irregular Choice 

I wasn't quite sure what to wear today. It felt colder, but then turned pretty sunny, so I decided to chance it with a summery dress but leggings. I tried something different with these shoes again. Last time I only had the purple centre strap through, but I used the blue one through the top and I actually think it is the strap that is supposed to go through the bottom one, but it fits so much better here. Still a lot of yellow fabric tied at the back, which I'm uncertain whether I like or not-I may cut it shorter. Can I just add I love my hair here, it was soo cute yesterday and I don't consider myself or my hair 'cute' normally!  If anyone used to watch Third Watch (probably not, but it's my all-time favourite show), it was exactly like Alex's hair when she had it slightly longer (my Mum even said so, which I took as a huge compliment)! Added in a few extra photos of the shoes at the bottom of the post, because they photographed so well and so you could see the side view.

Wearing: Floral sundress and leggings Primark, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan.
Fit: These are a half size larger and fit fine. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.

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