Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 712 - I've Seen Christmas Lights, Reflect In Your Eyes

Shoes: Flying teddy cortesan courts Irregular Choice 

I bought this dress the day it arrived on the website-I just fell in love with it on the spot (the colours and that gorgeous vintage print).  I'm almost between sizes in DP dresses though; I usually need a bigger size for my bust, but then they gape at the arms and waist, so sometimes I need the size down. So in the end, I ended up returning it for a smaller size and since then it's hung in my wardrobe unloved!  As we're nearing the end of summer, I'm trying to wear my most summery items before they get packed away (I say that but actually I have nowhere else to put them). I think I was worried the dress was a little tight in the chest, but actually it felt and looked fine yesterday. It was really windy though, but between my clutch bag, hands and underskirt I think I managed to avoid flashing anyone! It was another trip to the dentist and I felt much more relaxed this time (because I knew what was coming) and barely felt the numbness during or afterwards (unlike last week when half my face felt frozen). Did I learn my lesson about taking images before leaving? Not entirely! I was pushed for time, so couldn't take them all beforehand, but as my mouth could move, it wasn't as bad as last week! In my haste I seem to have an image or two completely out of focus, but never mind!

Wearing: Turquoise floral dress Dorothy Perkins, peach bolero, bee ring and sunglasses Primark, clutch bag Irregular Choice, bow hairband gift, brooch Past Times, pony ring gift, blue stone ring Virgin Vie.
Fit: Cortesan styles fit small, so I bought a size larger and although they're possibly a little too big, they are much comfier than my smaller pairs. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Being a size larger they are somehow much easier to walk in and much comfier!


  1. Ah you look proper cute in this outfit! I love how your hair totally makes the look perfect since it matches the dress! That cardigan is particularly bonny!


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