Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 474 - Irregular Choice Special #1

Shoes: Pale blue unicorn print 'Sky Fox' sandals Irregular Choice

So here's the start of Irregular Choice Month, a special little challenge or celebration of my favourite shoe brand! I'm looking forward to at least 30 wonderful pairs over the weeks, some you may not have seen here before too! I adore these shoes for many reasons. Unicorn print, a no-brainer for me-hands down the best print ever used by IC! Not only is it featured on the uppers, it's inside the shoe and even on the sole and I love that no matter where or how you look, it's unicorns as far as the eye can see. My only gripe with them and the reason I don't wear them more often, is the struggle to get them on. It took a full 25 minutes to get both shoes on and you can probably see the strap marks on my feet from trying so hard! They have this wonderful but odd asymmetric, slightly 'off' shape where you have to get your feet in, round and under straps while other sections are pulling you in another direction. Plus, I can't get the button in on the strap once the shoes are on my feet, so I have to put them on already fastened. Once on, they are incredibly comfortable, but a shoe-horn and a lot of patience is definitely required.

Wearing: Beach scene dress, black leggings, cardi and horse print hair scarf all Primark, glasses Claire's, brooch gift, wolf ring and flying unicorn ring Miss Selfridge, silver and turquoise ring Primark and silver flower ring Matalan.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: I wore these for several hours and they didn't give me any problems. They are super easy to walk in with that chunky heel too.


  1. LOVE the frames!! esp with the eyeliner what nail polish do u have on your toes? i always love ur nail polish and of course love the shoes!

  2. This is going to be the best month EVER!
    I LOVE Irregular Choice!!! They're my favourite brand too! Nobody else can really compete for quirkiness and price. As it stands I (only) have 12 pairs (so far).
    Student living doesn't REALLY allow for me to have 30 pairs... Yet... =]

    Lee x

  3. Very excited about your IC posts this month :) I love those shoes, still waiting for a pair to come up in my size on eBay..... Also love your glasses - where are they from?

  4. Thank you Eleobel! The nail polish is Rimmel Lycra Pro in 420 Aqua Cool with Models Own 'Juicy Jules' over the top.

    Lee-yay! I was exactly the same as a student- I couldn't afford IC then either.

    Anon-thank you! the glasses are Claire's Accessories, sorry i forgot to put that in : )


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