Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 480 - Irregular Choice Special #7

Shoes: Blue floral 'Prom Princess' Irregular Choice

I'm really not keen on this outfit today (although I adore the shoes themselves). I was just in a bit of a rush, the dress is creased (story of my life lately), I woke with a strange rash across my chest and couldn't find my other grey leggings. The shape of these stirrup ones is just really distracting. Sorry! "Must do better"!

Wearing: Grey floral dress F&F at Tesco, grey leggings Primark, cream pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: True to size, you don't need to unfasten the strap or bow to get them on. Roughly 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. Cutesy face, very cute shoes ;D

    Must have been a slow day for you, I bet~

  2. I wore these shoes for the first time ever yesterday. I think I'm close to running out of pairs.

    1. I love my blue ones! You must be running out soon!!


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