Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 486 - Irregular Choice Special #13

Shoes: Black 'I'm Bossy' Irregular Choice

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. I had a lovely day on Saturday with my nephews, we went out for lunch and they were on top form. I always wish I was recording every little thing they say, so I don't forget the funny moments. One being the 4 year old telling me 'Where is Mummy? She's been a long time, she's such a long coach'. I thought my Mum was going to pee herself and we didn't quite have the heart to correct him to 'slow coach'! I've been complaining all week that I haven't had enough computer time and got all day yesterday but got nothing done. I was so annoyed with myself, I absolutely wasted the day and was in one of those moods that I was getting on my own nerves, heehee! I hope I've snapped out of it today. So here's my outfit from Saturday and it rained all day Sunday, so I didn't wear anything other than my jammies! I think this is my first time wearing this dress, it was crushed to bits (having two little boys jump all over me) by the time I took the photos. I was so excited to get the perfect eyeliner flick two days in a row, sometimes it totally works, other times it looks a bit odd. The simple pleasures in life, ha ha! Although my eye is rather smudged in the close-up due to a flying baby-changing mat that my nephew had thrown in my eye. They are lovely boys really...! Oh and I nearly forgot the hair disaster. I am planning ahead to make sure I colour it just in time for my nephews christening and so I needed to do it last week (it was desperately needing done). I stupidly hadn't realised I had no dye left, so I went to order on Wednesday and it was out of stock. I ordered from another place and took 1st class delivery because I needed it for Friday after bleaching my hair on Thursday. They dispatch the same day and it was sent on Wednesday, but didn't come on Friday or Saturday. So I had to go out with messy bleached hair for lunch, saviour being the turban! It's still not come today though, so I'm furious about that.

Wearing: White and black heart dress F&F at Tesco, black leggings, silver/turquoise ring and swallow brooch, all Primark, black bow cardi New Look, flying unicorn ring Miss Selfridge, flower ring Matalan, other ring gift, hair scarf Fafi/MAC, butterfly earrings Claire's.
Fit: True to size, stud fastening, 4" perspex heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. These are some adorable heels (was thinking of getting them but then they sold out in my size..) and I love your nail polish/nail art :)

  2. thank you. I had trouble finding the green pair, they sold out then I bought them off a dodgy seller on ebay who never sent them. eventually got my hands on them though.


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