Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 478 - Irregular Choice Special #5

Shoes: Hessian 'Can't Touch This' Irregular Choice

Had to go shopping today, desperately seeking tights or leggings to go with the most adorable little dress I bought for my friends wee girl. I was so organised and bought the present in plenty of time, but have been searching for the tights for weeks now. I found them today though, along with a knitted dress and tights (will have to show you on PHP) for my other friends little girl, for her Christmas. My first Christmas pressie! Debenhams were starting to put out their gift wrap and crackers, yay to Christmas! So I didn't have much time for these pics today, soz. Oh and can I say a massive thank you to those that have already passed along your IC photos to me....you're a gorgeous lot! I haven't had time to reply yet, but will try tomorrow, thanks again!

Wearing: Scenic print dress and bunny ring New Look, black cardigan, nude vest, black leggings and pearl bracelet Primark (and bow in my hair which I added later), monkey necklace and shell bag River Island, giraffe ring Dorothy Perkins, unicorn ring Topshop and snake pearl ring Miss Selefridge.
Fit: True to size, adjustable buckle, 4" perspex heel.
Comfort: I knew I was going to be on my feet a lot today and these were super comfy and really easy to walk in.


  1. Those are gorgeous. I want them.

    I'm loving the IC month too! =D

  2. Lovely, i love the chunky heel and the fit of this style!
    That giraffe ring is so cute as well!

  3. In love! The heel is really something. You look really gorgeous on the last picture by the way, I completely love your hair!

    very nice blog xx

  4. Poppy, glad you like : )

    Char-yeah I really love these, wasn't sure that I would until they arrived and I put them on, they were just perfect.

    Mia-ah thank you ; )


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