Saturday, 3 September 2011

Day 475 - Irregular Choice Special #2

Shoes: Flying teddy cortesan courts Irregular Choice

I bought this dress last month and expected it to be midi-length, on 5ft 5 1/2" me it's more grazing my ankles and this threw up a predicament of which shoes to wear with it. I really couldn't figure out the type that would look right until I had the bright idea one night in my bed, that these IC teddy courts would be perfect. After digging them out today, they are just the perfect shape and colour without making me look too peachy! I really wanted to wear the dress today, because the weather was pretty decent and it's a very summery outfit. I feel like I should be on 'Come Dancing' wearing it, it's so swishy!

Wearing: Pleated spotty dress with belt Primark, pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins, horse pendant Claire's.
Fit: Cortesan styles fit small, so I bought a size larger and although they're possibly a little too big, they are much comfier than my smaller pairs. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Being a size larger they are somehow much easier to walk in and much comfier!


  1. I repeat - Best month ever =]

    Lee x

  2. where do you get your dresses from? I love them so much!

  3. Gah! I have these shoes! They were my first IC but my feet have since shrunk and I never wear them anymore. =[

  4. Thank you Lee, glad you're enjoying it!

    Anon, thanks! all the outfit details are in the post before the outfit pics.

    Poppy-oh no! My feet never shrink, seem to be getting bigger f anything which is worrying for all my shoes!


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