Sunday, 11 September 2011

Day 482 - Irregular Choice Special #9

Shoes: Leopard print 'Edna' courts Irregular Choice

I'm definitely getting rained off today, it's super stormy outside, apparently the remains of Hurricane Katia, so there's no chance I'll make it out! I didn't get out yesterday either, just because I had loads to do, although it rained on and off then too. So these shoes are from Saturday. My lovely Edna heels which I think may possibly have been my first ever IC's. At first I never thought my foot would get inside because of the curved shape, but although they are snug, they do fit and are perfectly comfortable.

Wearing: Striped floral sun-dress, black waterfall cardigan, black leggings and swallow print scarf in hair all Primark, poodle necklace worn as anklet River Island.
Fit: A little snug, but I wouldn't size up personally. Just over 4" heel.
Comfort: Very comfy and no walking problems.


  1. Love this outfit!! I don't have these - i need them!

  2. Annoyingly i received two pairs of ICs int he post today, and neither is for me! :/ Xmas shopping early!

  3. Thanks honey, ooh which ones did you get? How did the Tea & Cakes fit btw, that you got for your birthday? Did you just need your regular size? Thinking of getting them next.

  4. I really like these, and I don't usually like animal print!

  5. Ooooo,love these!Looking fab on the whole!:)

  6. Love these so much!!!!

    Lee x

  7. nossa! estava vendo suas postagens e me apaixonei por alguns sapatos são muitos lindos.
    Adorei seu blog, vamos seguir umas as outras?

    seu cabelo é lindo!!!

    beijos do Brasil



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