Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day 491 - Irregular Choice Special #18

Shoes: Peach 'Take A Bow' Irregular Choice

I could quite happily live in this dress forever, I love it so much (although you wouldn't know it, considering the fabric doesn't photograph well). It's incredibly comfortable and always looks like you've really made an effort, when sneakily, you've just chucked it on. Yesterday my sister had a day off and when we're together we turn into 4 year olds; everything is hilarious, we have our own language and I actually hurt from laughing so hard. We spent most of the day watching clips on YouTube of Ant and Dec in their SM:TV days, doing 'Wonky Donkey', 'Cat the Dog', Pokemon (with Brian from Westlife, the funniest thing ever) and '15 To Fun' with S Club 7, Westlife and Blue! Next thing we know, it's 4pm and I'm still in my pj's! So this outfit was really thrown together, yet I come off looking rather polished, haha! Last time I wore this dress, I said I wasn't sure of the type of shoes I wanted to wear with it and honestly didn't think Irregular Choice would work until I stumbled across my teddy cortesans. Well surprise, surprise, I managed to find another IC pair that work pretty well. I kinda always forget I have these shoes and really need to wear them more, it's just the awkward colour doesn't really fit my palette...until this dress obviously!

Wearing: Spotty pleated dress, leopard belt Primark, cream pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: True to size. Just over 4" heel.
Comfort: Dig in at the heels, just think they need breaking in.


  1. Oh they are so pretty. Such a good match for the dress too.

    September has been a shockingly busy month for me and I'm so annoyed I haven't had a chance to send you any photos for the weekly IC round up! Hope it's not too late - there's still a week to go, yes?

  2. i love this dress too - it looks great with this leopard belt! annoyingly i've never seen these shoes in my size :( they're very pretty ! :)

  3. i love that lipstick - what colour is it? xx

  4. Alex-Thanks. Sorry for the late reply, I've been off my IC-Game this past week! Yes, still time to enter for the final guest post.

    Char-you looked gorge in the dress too. It's so comfortable isn't it?


    DMD-thanks, it's almost as red as I dare go! It's an Estee Lauder one from last Christmas...Extravagant Berry.


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