Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 492 - Irregular Choice Special #19

Shoes: Blue and peach star 'Audrina' Irregular Choice

I'm blogging a day behind but will hopefully manage to catch up tomorrow. I had an appointment at the optician today and my nephews came out this morning, so this is the first time I've sat down. My photos from yesterday are pretty crap though, I've just realised, oops! There are none of the actual dress or the belt I was wearing, so I've adapted some from last time I wore this dress! It was another lovely day on Sunday and this week is supposed to be glorious (aside from Tuesday). In typical Scottish/UK style though, they are anticipating snow for October. Oh yeah, shorts one minute, gloves the next! About these shoes...they are lovely, but I much prefer their sister style 'Whitney' for comfort and sizing. I always have to buy a size larger in Audrina because the vamp comes far up the foot and really cuts into my skin. Actually this pair aren't as bad as my suede versions and I had to sell the orange suede pair because they were far too painful to wear. Strange when they're all the same style, but there you go!

Wearing: Coral lace dress G21 at Asda, brown belt taken from dress (Primark), cream pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: See above, take a size up. Heel 5".
Comfort: Aside from the tightness across the foot, they are fine.


  1. Good choice with the focus on star-prints at the moment D&G and all that malarkey!

  2. Very cute peep-toes they have!
    The overall look is darling, I must say~

  3. BLOODY HELL,I have been sweating with desire over all the IC's KILLING me!!!
    But what a way to go!

  4. Kezzie-yeah man, I'm soooo in fashion! Or 'on trend' as they say, lol!

    chipsHH-hello! Thanks.

    Helga! Thank you, they are a gorgeous brand with so many stunning shoes!


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