Friday, 9 September 2011

Irregular Choice Special: Your IC's Week 1

It's Friday! And what does Friday mean this month? Irregular Choice Special Guest Post or something along those lines! I was over the moon with the response to my suggestion of emailing me pics of you wearing your IC's to coincide with IC Month on the blog. You are all super stylish and I didn't get any 'doublers' of IC shoes, they were all different. Remember you have all week to enter for next Friday where we'll be doing it all again. Click the IC banner at the top of the page for info on how to do so and get wearing your IC's this weekend and next week!! If you've already entered this week, you can enter again, there's no limit to showing the IC love!

Ok, so first up we have Lee from The Yellow Boots wearing the twirly heeled 'Beans On Toast'. Lee is studying to become a teacher and it's no surprise that her students are mesmerized by her shoes, one pupil thinks these heels are 'freaky'! Unfortunately Irregular Choice didn't exist when I was at school although I can't imagine any of my teachers would've worn them!
Then we have the lovely Aideen who made a stop at the IC store in London on her way to holidaying in Cuba. I haven't been to the store myself but love seeing pictures of other people there-I imagine it's like heaven! And I bet you're wondering what's in the bag huh?
Well, it's the gorgeous pink Tea & Cakes which I'm now head over heels (haha) in love with. They are super pretty! The final image is of the gold Dolly Mixtures (I've looked my green pair out for wearing next week).
'IC queen' Char of T*Rexes and Tiaras sent me this pic, wearing her green patterned cortesans this week.
Next up is Poppy of Poppy For Tea with her lovely heart print Toodle Loo. I love the bright colours and contrast scarf around the ankle!
Finally the gorgeous Veronika of MsVeve with her adorable little deer flats. Makes me think I definitely need the Pat's Picnic this season with the deers, squirrel and parrot!
I hope you enjoyed this post-I'm loving it and thank you to everyone that participated, I love to hear from you! This post took me little longer than anticipated as I had a pesky photo that magically reduced it's size after I'd already resized it and I ended up uploading it about 20 times! So my shoes should be up tomorrow and I wore some gorgeous little booties today that you'll love ; )


  1. I feel like I'm famous! *squeal*

  2. Holy moly it's MEEEE!

    So many ICs.... I am basically drooling =]

    I can't wait for next week's already =]

    Lee x

  3. Thank you so much! You've made my weekend!

    Aideen x

  4. OMG.I have severe shoe love....why o WHY don't we have Irregular Choice here in NZ?!
    Probably just as well,I'd be fecking broke.....

  5. Helga, You could always poke around Ebay.
    The internet is a wonderful place. =D


  6. Everybody looks fantastic in their ICs! I wanted to ask, does Aideen have a blog? I love the dresses she is wearing and I think I would like her blog too!


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