Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 494 - Irregular Choice Special #21

Shoes: Unicorn tie cortesan Irregular Choice

Still a day behind if you hadn't noticed. Summer has hit the UK this week-I've decided we get warmer weather before and after the summer months, but not during! Strange but true! Anyhow, it's a nice little surprise and I'm getting to wear more summery clothes (and no need for a cardigan!) before the cold properly sets in. I've had these shoes for a few years now but have never worn them because the ties on one shoe are completely faded (if I recall, I ordered them online and there were no other pairs left, so I just took what I could) and I've never gotten around to replacing them. Lazy me! Yesterday, I just thought 'stuff it', I'm going out with one bright pink foot and one faded pink foot, these shoes are too pretty to hide away and I'm sure nobody will notice anyway.

Wearing: Pale blue lace dress, silver keys necklace and black leggings all Primark.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. Those are so pretty, it would be fun to change up the laces with your outfits too

  2. I agree with Pinktutu. Changing the laces would be awesome.
    I love the print on the shoes.

    Princess G, you should earn a living advertising shoes and clothing through your blog. If you haven't thought about it, do. If you have thought about it, think more :)

    Your style is fantastic.
    Love from South Africa

  3. pinktutu72-good idea, I once put iridescent ribbons through them and they looked lovely.

    Aphrodite-Thank you! If only I did make money through this blog, I could buy even more shoes than I already do!


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