Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Forty Five - I Whip My

Shoes: Black knee high fringed boots Primark

Hello peeps! Think I must have put on weight since last winter, because these boots barely zipped up over my calves and I don't recall them being like that last year! I feel a bit like a Clydesdale horse or a yeti in them-they are wild!

Wearing: Not really sure a demure, retro dress like this is the perfect pairing for these boots but never mind! It is of course from Pearl Lowe at Peacocks (again) and with the usual black leggings, cardi, coat, large fluffy earmuffs, shawl and gloves!
Fit: I bought a size bigger in these for leg width but the foot section is true to size. They sit just below the knee, with a full length inside zip. Heel height 4 1/4".
Comfort: No problems other than the struggle to zip them up!


  1. Cute Boots! I would love to see more of your dresses though <3

  2. i think the dress and boots go very well together :) xx

  3. Thanks ladies-Rai definitely more of the dresses in future posts!


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