Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Four - Not Quite Right

Shoes: Tan 'Pure' court shoes with perspex platform ASOS

Check out the debate over these shoes on Pink Haired Princess just now! I ordered a size larger as lately I've been needing that from ASOS, but of course this time my usual size would have been better. How am I supposed to know these things? Heehee!

Wearing: No outfit, just a dilemma!
Fit: Reckon my regular size will be a little narrow in the toe, but the bigger size are definitely too big. 5 1/2" heel and 1" clear platform.
Comfort: Don't foresee any problems with these.


  1. i think i preferreed the black option, but how frustrating the whole debacle has turned out to be!

  2. I know, shopping is supposed to be fun : ( They just didn't turn out as 'nude' as I'd hoped, but then they'd have to be blue to match my pale skin! I'll keep stalking the black!

  3. Hello beautiful woman! I have a question about these shoes from ASOS: if the size matches that of Asosa? They are comfortable? because I have a wide foot.. Beautiful shoes you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These shoes are very high? On the ASOS write about 14 cm high heels .. Do not know if I buy them?

  5. Hello, these shoes didn't feel too high,the platform is very manageable too. They fit true to size, just take your regular size (I bought this pair one size larger and they were too big).

  6. Hi, I have a request! I want to buy shoes from ASOS but I fear that they will be too high. In the picture the model does not look too high. Please send me a lady shoe photos more. Thank you thank you. This is my e mail

  7. Please see more pictures because I do not know whether to buy them. You are my last hope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi, as mentioned above the platform is 1" and heel 5 1/2", they didn't feel very high to me, but I'm an experienced heel wearer. I only have the image above and this one
    as I returned the shoes some time ago and have never got around to reordering.


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