Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Five - Front Facing

Shoes: Indigo 'Blunt' ankle boot Feud

I was really undecided with which pic to use today, there were a couple of contenders. Last time you got to see the cool, carved heel, so I thought I'd show a different perspective this time. I went to Primark (walking) in search of 'the beach dress' today; the balls of my feet are absolutely aching now! I've never worn these boots outside before, so probably should've thought about that before trying them today! No luck with finding the dress either.

Wearing: This is like my new go-to comfy dress, by Ruby Rocks, worn with black leggings, my horse print coat, black hat, scarf etc. Swallow clutch bag River Island, stag ring (part of set) H&M, bird double ring Primark, metal bow belt Topshop.
Fit: Concealed platform 1 1/4", heel 5 1/4". True to size, slip on.
Comfort: I don't know if it was the shoes or me being not used to walking, but it's really the balls of my feet that are throbbing, no problems anywhere else and easy enough to walk in.


  1. really like those boots! and the swallow bag is amazing! i have both the rings and love them both..
    did you manage to find the beach dresss, it hadn't hit the stores i went to last weekend, or manchester on tue, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be in liverpool this weekend when i go to meet alex :D

  2. Wow. Like those shoes ! They are available in other color?

  3. These boots were probably my bargain of the year, got them so cheap! Yes, my Miu Miu inspired it!

    PaT-I think they made these boots in gold with a black heel, oh and all black, just found them here or you can get them on amazon. They're from autumn/winter 2009.


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