Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Two - Turn The Other Cheek

Shoes Black 'Face Up To It' ankle boots Killdoll at Office

I tried to capture a different view of these boots today, probably not as interesting as the original image, but I'm trying to give a little variety on repeated styles! I actually managed to get out today, so that was good, here's hoping it continues to rain and not snow!

Wearing: I love the heart covered fabric of this dress, but the fit on me is atrocious, I felt like a big, fat squashed lump today! Dress Matalan, a million layers underneath including these Primark leggings which seem to be at least a foot longer than my other pairs! Legwarmers worn scrunched down Accessorize (old).
Fit: Quite roomy, inside zip so you don't have to take the laces out. 3 3/4" heel.
Comfort: Very comfy, no problems.

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