Monday, 17 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Five - I Need It Longer

LinkShoes: Black spotted 'Mo' Money Mo' Heel' wedge boots Irregular Choice

I love that the streets here are now clear of snow, ice and frost as it means I can wear the most ridiculously high shoes I own without fear of falling over. The only downside is grit, I swear I was an inch taller when I got home from the accumulation of salt under my feet! Not that I needed extra height, I was practically supermodel level in these boots! Even my walking stick was far too short (my old physio would go mad)...I wonder if Karl would lend me one of those cool Chanel ones that he used years ago, seeing as I'm up there with Claudia!
Wearing: Black chiffon and nude rose babydoll dress ASOS Curve, black leggings and black long sleeved top underneath. The usual outer layers too. Yes one of my roses is the little tail below!
Fit: Are you ready for it? 2" platform and 6" wedge heel, yep massive! If anything these are slightly too big and I just got my regular size.
Comfort: You know what, once you get used to the 'rocking effect' they are pretty easy to walk in and definitely a work-out for your legs! As the solid wood base is so heavy, you do find them slipping off your heel as you walk, not uncomfortable but might annoy some people.


  1. The peep toe section puts me off these, I like everything else about them!!

  2. yeah it does seem kinda silly, on such a wintery boot, but I kinda like the weirdness!


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