Monday, 10 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Forty Nine - Glitter In The Air

Shoes: ASOS black 'Partytime' peep toes with glitter heel and platform.

Unfortunately it snowed here again this weekend so my daily walks have been halted for now! It's absolutely treacherous out : ( I was also supposed to be going shopping today (looking rather than buying), for the first time since November (jeez), but that's also been postponed. So I haven't had any shoes for you this weekend. I do however have the shoes I wore on Boxing Day, so I got all dressed up again to reenact the outfit from the day! The dress obviously was nowhere near as crushed as it is now, sorry about that!

Wearing: I'm so in love with this floral maxi dress (had to pull it up to photograph the shoes because it's so long), it feels amazing, soft and floaty and the print is fabulous, it's by ASOS Curve. Now I would usually keep something like this for summer, but I decided to pair it with black accessories so it was more suitable for this time of year. The grey ribbon belt is River Island and you can't see here, I wore a black waterfall cardigan and a heavy charm necklace also by RI.
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1.8" platform. I needed a size larger in these, they fit quite narrow and even with the bigger size, my toes have a tendency to 'curl under' and I have to wiggle them into place!
Comfort: After a while they start to pinch and I didn't even wear them outdoors.


  1. That dress!! The print is gorgeous :) And the belt is great, I loved a similar one with a scorpion on it, from RI but it never seemed to go into the sale, and then all of a sudden disappeared :S
    And I never think to look at ASOS, but these shoes are lovely!

  2. I know the belt you mean, I got that one in the sale, super cheap! Was worried it wouldn't fit, but it's really comfortable. I used to love ASOS shoes years ago, then got a bit bored of them, but they've started making really nice ones again. My daily click!


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