Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Seven - Just Diamonds

Shoes: Diamonds by Kandee shoes

Ok, take a breath before you look at this next picture. I quickly took some photos last night before I went to bed, as I was just so excited that my parcel had finally arrived. They were my Christmas pressie from Grandad and were supposed to be sent last year (obv) but there were delays and I had a little panic I would never get them, afterall there are only 60 pairs made worldwide! However as I said they're here now and are fantastic! I was sceptical about whether I would fit a 38 (apparently they do run true to size), so I ordered a 39 just to be safe and they are ever so slightly too big. I don't know how I'd have got on with the 38, they might have been ok. Can you see the glitter sole? Amazing.

Wearing: Well today I'm still in my jammie bottoms (fashion horror gasp), so this pic was yesterdays outfit.
Fit: As I said, I bought a size bigger, my regular size would have been a little bit of a squish I think. Skinny 6 1/4" heel (I know!), platform 1 1/2".
Comfort: Ok obviously these aren't everyday shoes, they're going to take practise to walk confidently and I'm sure they're absolutely a work-out for your legs!


  1. ARGH! Monster shoes! haha, they're AWESOME! Worth the wait!!! I think I would break both legs immediately if I were to walk in those lol!

  2. Heehee, I could actually kill someone with them, they're pretty dangerous! I hope I never fall over and onto them, because the spikes would really hurt!

  3. these are amazing! I am so jealous! :)

  4. I LOVE these shoes! so so so beautiful! btw, do you ever post outfit posts? would love to see the whole look with these, how you styled them:)

  5. I know, I can't stop staring at them, they're amazing!

    MsVeve, I do usually try and take some outfit pics, not quite mastered finding space for full length shots yet, but there's usually slices of my outfit : )


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