Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Three - Learning Curve

Shoes: Black strappy jelly sandals Jean Paul Gaultier & Melissa at Shudoo

I didn't have time to pop out today, so thought I'd take a pic of these shoes that you haven't seen on here before. As I mentioned in my post when I bought them last year, they are a little tight on me. I probably should've sent them back for a bigger size, but they arrived just before Christmas and I never really got round to it.

Wearing: No outfit post today.
Fit: The fit on these is a little strange, you have a gap at the back, but the rest of the shoe is pretty tight and small. Definitely a smaller fit than the Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. Adjustable buckle on the ankle strap but a bit of a struggle to get them on with all the strapping. Heel 4 1/4".
Comfort: I love the feeling of being tightly strapped into shoes, but I'm not sure if my feet will turn blue after a few hours in these! Easy to walk in, even considering their super slim heel.


  1. i'm just still not convinced by the plasticky finish of the melissa shoes :S


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