Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty - Sweet Kiss

Shoes: Turquoise 'Tickling Loris' courts Irregular Choice at Dollydagger

I still can't get out of the house today, although the little pavement gritter thingies were going around, so hopefully it'll be non-slip for me tomorrow! I bought these shoes recently in the sale. They literally had one pair left in a size 6 and they were my favourite style from IC's AW10 collection, so I grabbed them! They are not at all a wintery type of shoe colour wise, but I love the pastel shades and will get lots of wear out of them in warmer weather. The knitted sweetie is such a cute touch.

Wearing: No outfit today.
Fit: Well these are a size larger than I usually take, but I actually think I need it. They may be ok in length but the are quite tight across the foot, so I'm glad of the bigger size. 4" heel.
Comfort: Well I haven't really worn them long enough to comment, they seem fine though.


  1. oh these are lovely, the colour scheme reminds me of the first season or so of IC's!
    I won a pair i've never seen before on ebay this morning, so can't wait for them!!! :)xx


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