Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Three - Better Late Than Never

Shoes: Green, grey and gold Triple platform sandal Office

A bit late, but it's been 'lashing' all day as we say here, so there was no chance of me getting out. I do have a little pic for you though of another sale bargain. Gorgeous platforms, I love the art-deco feel and the mix of colours is really unusual. They are ridiculously high though!

Wearing: No outfit, wearing the green tights I happened to be wearing the day the shoes arrived!
Fit: True to size, adjustable ankle strap, gigantic 6" heel and platform that varies from 1 1/4-2".
Comfort: I'm not sure about these, they are sooo high and the sole of the platform is curved (so not exactly a steady base).


  1. They are gorgeous! The turquoise tights look really nice with them also.

  2. I totally agree, the tights suit them nicely :) I haven't seen these, which is a shame as i reeeally like them!!

  3. Pink Haired Princess! I wonder if you can help me with a problem i'm having at the moment. I'm going to a 1920s party, and have the most fabulous dress, but can't seem to find any 1920s style shoes in the shops at the moment. I want to go authentic, so low - mid heel, but just can't seem to find anything appropriate. Have you seen anything along these lines by any chance? love Jade x

  4. Hi Jade, the party sounds great. Miss L Fire (, a UK brand, usually have a lot of 20's inspired styles with mid heels. The influence is even present on their boots (the Steinbeck) although they are maybe more victorian than 20's. I was in Office the other day and they had these which I immediately thought of when I saw your message. There's another couple of possibilities on their site, Friendly Bow, Lucky Button or even the Lotus Hallmark Shy shoe boot have a slight 20's feel. As for finding art-deco style details like on my shoes here, that's more difficult, it seems the fancy details aren't often put on low-mid heels. I hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

  5. Oh my gosh - I absolutely adore Miss L Fire! I want one of everything! And they have 25% off throughout Jan - this could be very dangerous news...

    I think i'm going to go for the Trumans with the mesh / leather as I can wear them again with bright tights and it might be a cool effect.

    Thanks so much for your encyclopedic shoe knowledge! X

  6. Good choice and so glad I could help ; )


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