Monday, 19 October 2009

Day Sixty Two - How Hard Can It Be?

Did you see X Factor last night? You wouldn't think it an impossible task to get a celebrity on the show that can sing well (and live) and string a coherent sentence together, would you? However it's proving very difficult. Last week we had Robbie Williams with his staring, druggy eyes and desperate attempts to make us like him, then this week Whitney Houston bursts the back of her dress (it was far too small for her) and she was seriously struggling to make any sense when she spoke. Either the drugs have rotted her brain or she's not as 'clean' as she'd like us to think. That aside, she has the most perfect complexion I've ever seen, not a blemish or line; hardly a good advert for staying away from drugs is it? Anyway, Westlife, I'm counting on you to raise the tone next week!Grey suede, peep toe boots with metallic heel Miss Selfridge

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