Thursday, 1 October 2009

Day Forty Five - Blast From The Past

Can you remember when these Louis Vuitton 'Balmoral' shoes were all the rage? They probably started the craze where you saw every celeb on the red-carpet wearing them (followed by the YSL Tributes, Trib 2's etc etc), they were huge. I can still picture Christina Aguilera in her red pair with the green and red satin outfit and bleached, short curls and red lipstick at the Shark Tale premiere in New York. A little iconic fashion moment in her career I thought, the start of yet another change of style. Anyway there were a gazillion high-street imitations, although they didn't come quickly enough for me. I can remember the agonizing wait, thinking 'surely someone will make a more affordable version of these?'. Once I actually bought them I didn't even wear them all that much (mainly because I was disappointed they didn't have the lace trim) and had no idea I still had them until I unearthed them last month to sell. It's funny how you can fall out of love with something!
Pale pink satin pleated court shoes with brown velvet ribbon trim by Blu

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