Friday, 2 October 2009

Day Forty Six - Sindy Shoes

I'm feeling very poorly and sorry for myself today. My throat hurts like mad and I'm sneezing, coughing and have a runny nose and feel even weaker than usual, welcome to winter! I'm tucked up sipping hot tea with a chunky cardi on, so no shoes today. Another archive photo and another pair of shoes that I used to love. I can remember searching all over Scotland to find these in my size a few years back. They remind me of the shoes my beloved Sindy dolls wore in the 80's, with the metallic finish and pastel shades. I even bought a clutch bag to match! Anyway I gave them to the charity shop a few weeks back and although I never wear them nowadays, I did feel a tad nostalgic and considered keeping them. For once, my 'sensible head' won (not often that happens) and off they went. Hope you all have a good weekend and keep warm!
Metallic, striped court shoes with cut-out sides, New Look

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